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More Info & FAQ's

How will I receive my order? TOP

All orders are sent as instant downloads. After paying you will be taken to a download page and each product ordered will show up under its own link. You will also receive an email containing the download links. Be sure to save your new files right away as download links are only valid for 30 days.

I didn't receive a download link. TOP

In the event that you were not directed to the download page and/or did not receive a confirmation email containing the links please send an email to and note your order number in the subject. We'll reply back with a new link for you.

What programs do I need to use the graphics? TOP

We recommend using our graphics with Adobe products such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Illustrator and InDesign. You are responsible for having the proper software and knowledge to use these files. If you are unsure if the graphics will work with the software you use we recommend downloading one of our freebies to try out first.

How do I unzip files? TOP

Your order will come in a zip format. You must know how to unzip files on your PC/Mac to retrieve them (most of the time you can right click and go to "extract all" on a PC or just double click on a Mac).

Please note you will need to download to a desktop computer. Tablets and smartphones will most likely be unable to open this type of file.

Can I use the designs commercially? TOP

Yes! Please see the Terms of Use page for details or use the Say Hello page if you have any specific questions on usage.

What is the difference between personal & commercial use? TOP

Personal use means you will use the graphics in your own projects and will not be selling or making a profit from what you create.

Commercial use means that you will be incorporating the graphics into something you make and sell for a profit.

Do you offer any discounts or sales? TOP

We love sales! Follow along with us at to be the first to know of any sales or discounts!

My computer crashed and I lost my files! Can I get a discount to reorder? TOP

We have moved our website to Due to this change, expired download links are no longer supported on this site. Download links expire after 30 days. It is imperative that you download, back up and save your files immediately after purchasing. In the event you need to repurchase your files please contact us with your original order number and we can send you a coupon code to repurchase your files at a discounted price.

I have a no credit required license and changed my business name. Do I have to repurchase the graphics? TOP

If you've purchased the commercial use (no credit required) license and have changed your business name or gone in another direction you will not be required to repurchase the new graphics.

How do I credit the artwork back on products I am selling? TOP

You can add the following disclaimer:

"Graphics © Erin Bradley |"

wherever the product is being sold.

If you would prefer not to credit the artwork back you can choose the "commercial use (no credit required)" option when making your purchase.

What if I don't want to credit the artwork back? TOP

If you don't want to credit the artwork back you can choose the "commercial use (no credit required)" option when making your purchase.

Can I copyright the graphics? TOP

No, you can not copyright any of the graphics as your own. We do not authorize copyright use for derivative work. The copyright remains with Erin Bradley Designs and is not transferable.

Will you do a custom design for me? TOP

At this time we do not offer any custom design or customization services.

Can I return or exchange my order? TOP

Due to the digital nature of this business, returns, exchanges and/or refunds are not available under any circumstances.


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